Mist-coating/painting new plaster in bathroom

14 Sep 2013
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hi, I hope you don't mind a post but was wondering if anyone can help.

I recently had my bathroom replastered - some areas just a skim, some areas had to be reboarded (including the ceiling). The work was done about 3 weeks ago and the plaster was all dried to a very pale pink.

I've done a mist coat today on the ceiling and walls but was wondering:

- is one mist coat enough or should I do two?

- how long should I leave the mist coat before painting the final coats? I've got standard white emulsion for the ceiling but a Dulux bathroom paint for the walls so didn't know if that would be less breathable and might need more time to dry first.

Thanks very much for your help. Definitely need a bath now - I'm a messy painter at the best of times but watered down paint, onto a ceiling?!
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