Mould mildew paint help..

11 Jun 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi guys I'm new here and in need of some urgent advice please.

My bedroom got damp due to condensation and therefore caused green powdery mould and black mould on the back of cupboards,wardrobes and my clothes. I have chucked all them out and now need to do it up.

Now, I was thinking a rug doctor would clean the carpet out but for the same price of a rental plus the solutions I can buy a cheap carpet.

If I strip the whole room,rip the carpet up,clean the mould off the walls then sugar soap everything before painting it make it clean enough to go back in once a carpet has been laid?. I'm investing in a dehumidifier so hopefully that will keep it at bay.
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Why is your room so damp to cause all the mould? that's what you should check . Is there a leak from outside? leak inside? is there no ventilation? Do you dry your clothes inside? Do you not open windows?

It's not normal for a bedroom to be so damp. My parents was and had mould and they had a problem on the roof / tiles and water was getting in.
Why is your room so damp to cause all the mould?

Really not sure. I'm guessing it was due to drying clothes on the radiator during winter and it being cold in there and the heat from other rooms entering it making it damp?. I rarely opened the window in there as this flat is so damn cold during winter but really warm in the summer.

I have noticed a damp stain in the kitchen opposite on the ceiling so I'm guessing the roof is leaking. If it was my flat I'd go check but it's not and I've been trying to contact the landlord since October about it and never get any reply so it can get worse. All I want to know is if by giving it a damn good clean,air out for two weeks and also use a dehumidifier would it be safe to sleep in again?.

I'm thinking just rip the carpet up and get a new one down to save money if the rug doctor doesn't actually pick up any mildew spores.
The room isn't damp now and hasn't been for a couple of weeks but just smells really musty.
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Thanks for the links mate. Trying to do this with no help and not really experienced with all this kind of thing.

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