Now that's what I call a retort V1

22 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
From time to time, there are priceless put-downs and comments that appear in the forum and they really should be collated for posterity and ease of reference, now that the nights are starting to draw in and Winterbreak is nearly upon us.

My personal favourite so far? Whoever it was that came up with the acronym for Softus: Silly Old Fool Talking Utter Sh*te. Sorry, Softy, but it was/is funny :):). I just so hope that it wasn't Joe...

Any others spring to mind, that made you think "I wish I'd come up with that one"?
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It was me and, guess what, it was removed by Softus the Mod and I had to re-post :LOL:

Softus himself has actually done some classic's which really made me laugh at the time ... One of his good points ;)
Ahah, so now we know!

Softus did come up with a goody the other day (he says, redressing the balance) as well: I've just looked in the mirror and it appears that I couldn't give a toss :).

Even Joe's done some good ones, just can't think of any right at the moment.

Woody's always good for a cutting rejoinder or two as well.
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