PC turning itself off!

23 Dec 2002
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United Kingdom

I have an IDEQ 300G, when I press the On button the PC starts up for 9 seconds, then turns off for 4 seconds. Then it starts itself up again for 9 seconds, then off for 4 seconds. It continues this cycle constantly, the only way to stop it is by holding in the on off/button

The Hard Drive light at the front does not flicker at all, which tells me it is not reading it, nothing happens to the monitor either.

I have already had a look inside and checked all connections. This has happened all of a sudden and the PC itself had not been moved in the slightest prior to this.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Thanks in advance!

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Very difficult to diagnose without swapping components....I suggest a trip to your local independent computer store.
can you make a boot disc on a memory stick or CD rom, then you need to go into bios and change the primary boot drive. If you can get it to book up in DOS from there you could eliminate the computer being duff, which would then point to HDD problems. Which would be my first point of call going by your symptoms.

IF you have a spare HDD (usb type) or large memory stick you could boot up and install windows on it. And run chkdsk on the original drive. Or most boot discs would have chkdsk on them too.

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