24 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
My company pension scheme, after changing the rules on early retirement and other technicalities ... having been in the news as 'possibly in trouble' ..... actually made a net 22% last year on the back of a 30% rise in stock market !!!
Scheme now valued in more billions ££ ....... sigh of relief !!

I am willing to bet that there is no-one from NHS, Police, judicary or civil service now receiving a Govn pension of £40k plus p.a who has actually accquired through pension contributions and their investments, a 'pot' to support that level of payment at today's safe rates of return ... Therefore it must be Joe Bloggs supporting those incomes with his NI and tax .. whilst being told 'Sorry chum(p) there ain't anything for you-hoo'
See some 'lifetime private sector' teachers having retired from that carreer trying to obtain rule changes so they can climb aboard the state wagon and grab the old golden 'hello' being offered for certain skills.

Good here, in the UK, isn't it !

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Fantastic mate, totally agree. I got a great pension from the army. Did not pay into that !! ;)
jasy said:
Fantastic mate, totally agree. I got a great pension from the army. Did not pay into that !! ;)

Not £40k tho' matey !! Are you receiving it yet ?

Had a lump some, rest is index linked and will recieve another lump sum and monthly payments when i get to certain age (which will remain secret)
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This is why I don't believe we have a pension problem.

What we do have is double standards. The Gov knows, but chooses to back down from the real reasons.

It is a grossly unjust system that gives one sector an obvious advantage over, and at the expence of, another.

Don't forget the recipients of these pensions also get the state pension too.
too right. i pay NI. The pension is one of the rewards for the crap conditions and crap pay