Popup button not clicky

22 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
THIS site has done it too.
I use Firefox mostly, but have seen it on Chrome.
WIn 10. Have reloaded the browser, restarted the pc, cleared cache and cookies. Adblock disabled, protection disabled. Other extensions are like Translate - nothing sexy. & run malwarebytes and SuperantiSpyware.
It may be OK tomorrow, and so on.
The SIgnup button is dimmed. I went through the Ts and Cs, nothing to click in those.

Any ideas?

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Firefox has struggled for a few years with keeping up-to-date but don't disable your adblocker to get round any glitches. M-soft have just updated Edge and it's working fine.
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I find it much more clunky than ever, especially for large media files.
Obviously, you do not.
Agree , I have to switch to another browser as find quite a few site who don’t support Firefox.Uploading files thru it can be very slow .
It seems to have got better all by itself. I think it's the tracking cookie. Dupe post in forum info.
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