Problem with Falcon FER boiler

23 Jan 2008
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hello can anyone help? My Falcon FER boiler, 0007L60397, has developed the following fault. The two main symptoms are that

1, when in central heating mode the 'Burner on indicator' keeps turning off and the 'Boiler shut down warning' light comes on meaning I have to constantly reset the boiler.

2, when heating hot water the 'Burner on indicator' keeps going on and off so you never get a continuous stream of hot water.

Other data that could be relevant is that the pressure when the boiler is standing idle is around 1.1 bar but then shoots up to around 1.7 bar the moment there is demand for heating or hot water.

I'd be very grateful for any thoughts on this.

Many thanks

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How long does the boiler run on heating before it shuts down and goes to lock out? And also how long when hot water is running???
Thanks collegeboy. If it's starting heating from cold it might run for about 10 minutes before shutting down. If I reset it soon after shutdown then it will go again for about another 5 minutes before shutting down. Then you're just resetting every 5 mins. Up until recently it might require maybe 3 or 4 resets before it stayed on for good. But now it won't stay on at all. But then I did allow a bit more water into the system today to bring the idle pressure up from around 0.8bar to around 1.1bar. One additional piece of info is that during the 5 minute spells before the boiler turns itself off the 'Burner indicator on' light swiches on and off every few seconds.

When heating water the boiler never shuts itself off. But you get a similar rapid on and off pattern from the 'Burner indicator on' light, although perhaps not quite as rapid as when in heating mode.

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Actually collegeboy on recollection it has been known to shut down when heating hot water for a long while, say when running a bath. But I never run a bath now because with it not working properly you can't get a decent bath temperature. (Fortunately I have an electric shower)

Yes, some heat in the radiators. But they don't have a chance to get very warm now because the boiler shuts down so soon.
I am just trying to asitain wether you have a circulation problem, does the flow pipe get very hot under the boiler when heating on, but cool off after about 2 to 3 meters or so??
I'm afraid I don't know which pipe is the flow pipe. Refering to a previous post, when I was able to get it to stay on (after 3 or 4 resets) the radiators would come up to normal temperature. However, you still had the rapid on/off from the 'Burner indicator on' light. I know nothing of CH systems, but wouldn't the fact that the radiators can get hot if the boiler stays on rule out a circulation problem?

The boiler has been off now for a bit as I've got fed up resetting it. Shall I turn it on to see which pipes warm up?
Yes if the radiators heat up then it is circulating, in this case it is most likley one or both of the the thermistors, thermostats. I will post more details in the morning. Need sleep now lol
I turned the heating on again and think I know which is the flow pipe as it quickly became warm but not too hot to touch. The radiator nearest the boiler (about 3 meters of pipe) started warming up and even some radiators further away... hope this helps with your diagnosis.

By the way the boiler shut down again just before begin this post.

Thanks again
From what you have said, there still may be a few solutions, either the sensor if faulty, the APS, the gap on the flame sensor, the flame sensor or leads themselves, or the PCB, are you able to use a multi meter? if so check the resistance reading on the C/H sensor when the boiler is cold, if I remember correctly it should be around 13 ohms.
Thanks again collegeboy. I can use a multimeter ok, but I'm not a boiler technician so wouldn't be able to identify the components without the aid of a diagram. Can you recommend any resourses. Where can I get/download a manual for this boiler?

Thanks for all your help
Thanks slugbaby, I couldn't find my boiler (FER Falcon, 0007L60397) on the Ferroli website. Perhaps they don't make them anymore. Anyway, I've sent them an email requesting a manual.

Thanks again

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