Putting door on Indesit built in washing machine

15 Apr 2018
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United Kingdom
Recently I replaced my Smeg washing machine with an Indesit washing machine (BIWMIL81284 UK). I have managed to install it successfully but am now struggling to understand how to fit my cabinet door to the washing machine.

I have two main problems
1) Contrary to what I expected different washing machine models have their hinges at different heights as a consequence the hole already made for the Indesit model is not spaced apart at the same distance as the Smeg model therefore I will need to make a new hole.
i) I am not sure about the best way to get the exact measurement for the space for the new hole on the door.
ii) How do I make the hole?
iii) It appears there is some overlap for the new hole and the current hole (see photo) so should I use Ronsil high performance wood filler to fill some of the hole to make a tight fit?

2) I have read the Indesit health and safety instructions (pages 5-6) but struggle to understand how the magnetic parts to keep the washing machine shut should fit the machine. For example where does the 'No 1 Rubber plug' go? (see photo)

Also despite the instruction manual mentioning a 'Drilling Template' I have not found one.

all help is much appreciated.




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As far as the hinge holes are concerned I would be inclined to glue a piece of plywood in the holes & then start again rather than use filler. It appears to me that you have to make your own template by aligning a strip of wood or paper with the edge of the machine & then scribe the centre of the hinge mounts onto the template & use those centres for the centre of the hole you need to router for the hinges.
I get the impression that you should also router a hole in the bottom right hand corner of the door & stick the rubber plug into it in a position that stops the door flexing when closed, not 100% sure about that though. Might be a lot easier & cheaper though to get a joiner/kitchen fitter. to do it for you, particularly if you do not already have the correct tools

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