Rangemaster 110 - One oven not working

25 Aug 2011
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Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom
Hi There

I have a problem with my Rangemaster Gas dual oven and hoping someone can advise me on it.

It kept blowing the 3a fuse so i put in a 5a to test and the oven came back, in terms of the timer clock. I then turned on the smallest oven and the fuse blown again! so i replaced the fuse once more, the timer came back this time tried the larger oven which was fine, also tried the hobs again all fine and sparking properly.

Problem is with the small oven. When i turn the dial it doesn't ignite i.e no spark but the dial itself feels fine, i don't believe it is that. To note the lamp inside the small oven is working fine. Any idea's..?

Thanks :D
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Most of these range cookers have electric ovens!

Are you sure yours has gas ovens?

What value supply fuse does the instructions require?

OP If your oven that is blowing fuse is the gas one then it may have a solenoidvalve on it which isfaulty and needs a qualified guy to change. Ifits electric oven blowing it is prob the element gone .

Agile although a lot have solely electric ovens some people still prefer gas ovens and these are not un common on ranges. Mine has 2 gas ovens and one electric oven
Yes, I appreciate that these models vary which is why I asked the OP for clarification.

Both of mine, although different makes, have all electric ovens/grills and only use gas for the 7 and 8 hob burners.

In my view the electric ovens are far superior being mostly sealed so they dont heat up the room much, dont consume the oxygen or create CO2 and are very fuel efficient because they are sealed and dont waste heat as gas ovens have to in order to provide combustion air.
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thanks guys -

It is definately gas on both ovens - it helps to put some heat into my cold kitchen which is one reason why we bought it.

Not sure of supply fuse but will check.

I've switched it off again at the mains, not sure what damage using slightly higher fuse will cause.

A solenoid value, you say its something that a specialist type repairer will have to do - sounds expensive and was hoping something simple i could just replace. A broken solenoid value would show these kinds of symptoms..?

Thanks again

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