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28 Jan 2016
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United Kingdom

I was hoping for some advise making good on this ornamental pillar. Story is there was flaking paint, a thin layer of plaster and rusty corner bead that came off easily, original render also came off at the bottom where it's damp but aside from there it's solid.

Leaving it to dry out a bit now. Don't have any experience with render but have plastering tools, this is a DIY job. Should I use something like "Plascrete SBR bond", if so I would be grateful for advise on how best (apply it like PVA as a primer, then in the mix as a plasticiser and waterproofer?).

Many thanks, hope to hear back from anyone

Louis (y)

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You are better to knock off all the old render, then put expanding metal all the way around it (Should be able to knock galvanised 3 inch nails into the brick joints to hold mesh on). Put a scratch coat on it, (4-1 mix with plasterciser for first coat) then put angle beads on the corners then you can top coat (5-1 mix with plasterciser for second coat) and level off the beads. If you render over it as it is you will get cracks when it dries out !
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That's interesting, what if I put lime in the render? I heard that helps stop cracks. I can justify a small risk if it saves a big chunk of time/materials.

If I end up going back to brick I thought lime (no cement) render would solve trapped damp, would be a more rustic look.
You can put a scoop of lime in your mixes but if you don't address the cracks and leave what's on there then they will come back and bite you!! The way I have told you how to do is the correct way! Your choice!!
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Hello :),

Where I'm at with this now is the old render's off and the brickwork's now solid. Ended up taking the wall down, going to rebuild it with the same bricks, a bit shorter with coping ontop.

I will do the wall next but in-regards to wrapping in mesh for render as you said, my minor concern is rust what are your thoughts in that regard? Do people ever use stainless, or fibres in the mix instead?

Thanks for your time, Louis


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You will be better off using stainless steel mesh then no probs with rust showing thru later...Also use either s/steel angle beads or plastic ones..

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