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Rigid loft insulation under boarded floor

Discussion in 'Floors, Stairs and Lofts' started by 2wd, 2 Dec 2018.

  1. 2wd


    28 Nov 2018
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    United Kingdom
    A few years ago I had my loft boarded over mainly over the living room area ( it's a bungalow)
    It's only used for storage and the builder who did just put the boarding directly on the joists which already had loft insulation in between them.

    As we live in a bungalow I want to ensure we retain as much heat especially over the living room.
    I'm aware now of compressed insulation under boards not being as effective as intended but I don't really want to start ripping up and raising the boarding on legs.
    However can I lift the boards and fit something like the rigid loft insulation boards, say 75mm with a 25mm air gap and then put the boards back down
    Appreciate any feedback/advice

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