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saorview/satellite interference

Discussion in 'Audio Visual' started by soloheadbeg, 5 Apr 2012.

  1. soloheadbeg

    14 Feb 2011
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    United Kingdom

    I recently purchased a combo set top box (Triax 537) which allows me to pick up the Irish digital terrestrial service. I notice that if I use certain electrical circuits e.g the shower, food processor and in particular the iron there is quite a lot of interference especially when the device is initially switched on and when it is being switched off. I'm sure this was also present when I was using the analog signal but it manifested itself as a little fuzziness on the screen. Is there someting wrong with my electricity supply? Would using a surge protected multisocket help? All responses would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sam Gangee

    24 Jan 2003
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    United Kingdom
    Unfortunately, the system used for digital terrestrial TV is prone to such "impulse" interference from current surges caused by switches, thermostats etc.

    You must ensure that:

    1. All coaxial cable, connections, sockets and splitters are fully-screened.
    2. The aerial is outdoors and as far away as possible from the mains wiring.
    3. The (double-screened) coaxial cable is routed as far away from mains wiring as possible.
    4. The aerial signal is as strong as possible. Fit a masthead amplifier to boost it, and an attenuator at the aerial input of every digital terrestrial receiver to reduce it. This ensures that the aerial signal is good but any interference picked up by the cable is attenuated.
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