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19 Nov 2008
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I am fitting a new Kitchen and looking for a Sink unit and Taps. B and Q sell Franke Gallassia GAX 611 for £159 (Simply Kitchens £135) and Franke Eiger Taps for £179 (Simply Kitchens £124)(Delivery £8). So a saving of over £60.

I've read really bad reviews from Simply Kitchens.

So Simply B and Q or Simply Kitchens?
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If the reviews are bad I would say don't bother, especially with something as easy to damage in transit as a kitchen sink. I ordered a £160 chrome heated towel rail from inspired heating that had a big dent in when I opened the box, they were not interested.

Why not get the sink from B&Q and the tap from somewhere else like plumtap (£120 delivered), less chance of a tap being damaged as packaging is usually good.

If you do go to B&Q for the sink, use for 4.04% cashback, only £6.42 but better in your pocket!

If your feeling really generous then use my referral link! =)
I checked Plumbtap in prenticeboy's reviewcentre and the result was completely different, (Check the bosses history!!!) so I'll buy from them instead.

Do you know of a good online sink site?

Thanks to the both of you for your help.
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Never had a problem with plumbworld, so sinks could be worth a look at. But as Spoonyboy mentioned maybe worth trip to magnet, B&Q, wickes, plumb centres etc for sink, so no damage in transit.
Also for taps or future purchases have a look at better bathrooms, they only have a small selection for kitchen taps but excellent customer service.
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The TK14 look the same design as Franke and they are only £40 delivered.

I would be tempted to go that route as well. My crosswater bathroom taps were about £250 but the bath tap is already getting tough to turn after 18 months of very little use.
Like I say I was very impressed with the build quality of these taps from the intial use. I'm sure someone will tell me different but so far, so good.
I can smell you from here Spooneyboy, or have you got a Shower as well? LOL.

I had a look at those TK14 Taps, and they look the same from this distance.
thanks for all the recommendations.

I bought the TK 14 as recommended by spoonyboy, and bought a Gallassia sink (slight dent, but have a panel beater friend)

so £100 instead of £350, result!

And just noticed the 'thanks' button for the first time, for cox377.

Cheers, Camerart.
I order a lot of shower booster pumps from Plumbtap, all I can say is that they give a very good service. Good price and good quick delivery.

best option ild say would go to the smaller tap shops,look for the taps in question or find a cheaper but gorgeous alternative :)... in my experience you will be given great advise direct and more time to answer questions you may have.

ive seen 4 shops on my way to lunch

good luck :D

Grace Jones
I have a company that sells online. We have to work hard to keep our perfect reputation. We have to make sure EVERY customer is happy as they have a right to leave a bad review. We have a perfect reputation with over 10 years service being online and 20 as a high street showroom. To check out any company online, you can simply search Google UK for "company reviews" and all the places that have reviews come up. I like the open accountability that the Internet offers me when looking for goods and product reviews help too. If you're not happy, search elsewhere and you don't have to take on their terms, ask for a variation and only pay just a little less than the bulk on satisfactory supply. Then you have some leverage to get what you're entitled too or they don't get paid.
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