Slimline sink waste?.

10 Oct 2017
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United Kingdom
Hello all, I've never been happy with how I did the sink waste, it seems to work well enough but looks a mess!.

Ideally I'd like it to hang no lower than the main sink drain, maybe put the trap at the wall?.

Drilling another waste through the wall (lower) isn't really an option.

What's best drain kit to buy bearing in mind I'd like it as compact as possible.

No washer or anything, just sink (bowl and 1/2 bowl).

Cheers All.

Sorry for poor picture..

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Is that the outlet between the copper supply pipes, if so the trap water level fills flexie near to the red line, or is it camera anlge that makes it look that way?

Oh my, is that flexi pipe running from the outlet of the sink trap up to the outflow waste pipe and out through the back of the unit? If so that whole waste system will be constantly full of water up to the same level as that outflow pipe. You're lucky that the sink waste has held up and hasn't leaked as that would be a whole lot of water ending up on your floor.

Honestly ..... that is a disaster waiting to happen and it really needs a new lower outflow pipe created.
Thats right the flexi will be full as well, that's why I wanted to sort it out (at least a bit better!).
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It's done a good 10 years

You've certainly been lucky, especially given it's not the best quality of sink waste/trap pipework. Because the base of the sink is still above the highest point of the outflow it will still drain but it is a fair amount of dirty water to go, if it does start to leak.
I was hoping to get both wastes as high as possible and maybe a trap at the wall outlet?.
Everything seems to be as high as it will go by the looks of it, even with a new waste setup the main pipework wouldn't get any higher than it is at the moment.

Only way to cure that properly is to to drop the outflow to at least the same height as the trap outlet I'm afraid.
Cheers, I was thinking there may be an option to drain big sink sideways?.

No worries if not, weird as old sink we ripped out was ok as far as I remember.

as old sink we ripped out was ok

Looking at the setup, if your old sink was a single bowl then it may have been a little higher than the current one, that and the trap outlet would probably have been at the same height as the outflow. The issue has been that it's now a 1.5 bowl sink, by it's design that drops the trap to a lower level again.
One more thing, is that all 40mm compression fittings?, pipe OD is just over 40mm.

Sounds stupid but do they use inside diameter or outside?.

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