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So who has been put in charge of the Test & Track public Inquiry? Deloitte

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SirGalahad, 11 Nov 2021.

  1. SirGalahad


    1 Apr 2016
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    United Kingdom
    This is straight out of an African tin pot dictatorship.

    Deloitte who was paid millions in the failed Test, Track & Trace system will be developing the Knowledge management system as part of the public inquiry into its failings.

    Tory's gonna Tory.

    Here's another one for free. After Dacre failed the interview for the Ofcom job the Government decided to redo the process to make sure he would get it this time.

    Michael Simmonds worked as an adviser to Conservative ministers during the 1990s before co-founding the polling company Populus. He is the husband of the former schools minister Nick Gibb – and therefore the brother-in-law of the BBC board member Sir Robbie Gibb, a former Downing Street communications chief under Theresa May.

    Simmonds will sit on the interview panel that will decide which applicants meet the required criteria set out in the job description to oversee Ofcom.

    Turd Bots assemble.
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