This poor Englishman.

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BBC News - Cotswolds county lines drug dealer jailed for 28 months

Judge Ian Lawrie QC rejected a submission that Smith, who is mourning the death of a brother, should have his sentence deferred.

Come on Ian, he lost his brother like no other.

Michael Bignall, defending, said ''Smith had a previous criminal conviction for a commercial burglary and referred the court to two previous probation reports, one of which spoke "very highly" of him.

I always speak highly of Burger's, because they are like unpaid bin men.

Can anyone back me up here? I think he deserves another chance. It was only 22000 drug deal texts. Not 23 or 24 but on 22000.
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Little scamp. He just needs a bloody good talking to. Get Notch and ellal on the case.
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