Time for Gasbanni to renew his membership

15 Nov 2005
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It's been a busy time, what with all those threads you've been copying from your favourite websites.

But the word is that Conservative Party membership has now passed the 100,000 mark. Not a bad score until you learn that it used to be about 150,000.

"The situation was compounded when Theresa May called a snap election and rather than allowing constituency parties to select their own candidate – imposed candidates in seats that did not have one selected.

The bad handling of the campaign irritated party members, as many activists, assuming Jeremy Corbyn had no chance, were sent to Labour-held seats with large majorities with the aim of toppling the sitting MP – while leaving Tory marginals undefended. One example was Slough – where instead of the Tories taking the seat the new Labour MP was returned with a huge increase in his majority.

Now nearly all the 40,000 who joined the Tories last year have not renewed their membership -sending numbers plummeting to the 100,000 mark."


The Lib Dems have about 102,000, and Labour about 570,000 paying members.

"On Tuesday the Adam Smith Institute,a free market think tank, has an event to address why 60 per cent of young people are supporting Jeremy Corbyn"
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60% ?? because they have got there hand out & want to get there snouts in the free bie trough ;)

Adam Smith institute :LOL:
Labour have 570,000 members

But they still lost the election :):):):)
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I wonder if the Tory party thought about charging those members who decided not to renew their membership? Yep , tell them your sending them a big bill,, but don't tell them exactly how much it will be... That'll work. :LOL::LOL: