To Durgo or not to Durgo

19 Feb 2016
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United Kingdom

We are about to have a conservatory fitted and the company 'forgot' about the soil stack which should be going through the roof of the conservatory.

On Friday they suggested we have a durgo fitted to the soil stack which will mean it can fit inside the conservatory.
The soil stack serves 1 loo and a sink and shower. I have read that the durgo should not be lower than the over flow of the sink (the highest point) is this always the case? If so, in our case the durgo would need to be put on higher than where the roof of the conservatory it doesn't seem to be a solution unless anyone has any advice or experience with these.

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AAV should be placed 300 mm above the overspill level of the highest appliance (usually a basin).

If you get a sewer blockage then you will have a conservatory full of sh1t
Get them to dig the drain out before they start and re-route it to a point outside the conservatory.
Can't re-route as the base and walls are already built..soil stack was always going through the conservatory roof..until the company forgot to include it in their I am guessing they have suggested a Durgo to save them money otherwise they will have to re-make a the roof glass to accommodate the soil stack. As it is if the AAV has to be 300mm above highest overflow this would place it outside of the conservatory roof anyway as the soil stack serves an upstairs bathroom.
Thanks for your help.
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Is the existing stack vented- branch connection for the WC and stack continues past the branch with an open vent at the top?
Well in that case an AAV ('Durgo) will probably not be appropriate.
This is what I thought based on some stuff i had they will have to make a new roof pane anyway! Cheers for your input
Their problem, if already vented needs to remain vented. Otherwise if you start having issues and they don't want to know, you'll end up getting the vent reinstated at your expense instead of theirs.
you can get external durgos that can also be fitted below the flood level and are rated to -20 degrees. This does not mean its the best idea tho and i would be insisting the vent stay as it is.

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