Tree stump/root removal

I was going to suggest ANFO but thought that it might get you on the terrorist watch radar.. buying quantities of diesel and fertiliser..:)
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Maybe you could rent a hungry beaver. :D

I’m interested in this thread because I have got two conifers which need to be dug up later this year, after the fledglings have fledged, and I will want to plant something more suitable in their place.

Incidentally, now is actually not the time to be hacking down trees!
In fact it’s illegal while birds are nesting, so my work colleague who has a Masters in Botany and very brainy in everything told me.

Of course it’s unlikely that anyone will know or care, least of all report it, but at least you know and can make an informed decision.

I know the birds in my garden have just had some sprogs but they can have another clutch later this summer. That’s why I am having to wait until about October/November when he said he will help me cut them down…

The nob-ed who lived here before me planted them about three feet apart,
not realising they grow to the size of a small planet. So not only are they too big for an average garden, and attract pigeons, but they’re cramped. So the view of the bottom of my garden has that ten pound of sh1t stuck in a five pound bag look.

What else can I moan about while I’m here? Oh, I did my front garden the other week and the holly bush had roots of iron which went clean through the centre of the Earth to the antipodes.

:idea: So I hacked through the big roots close to the bush with a conventional saw and hernia’d them up one by one just enough to get a tow rope around and attach it to the back of my car. (I'm clever me :D )

I shifted four tons that day, of earth & gravel and into the back of a van and finally off the van in a household waste disposal place. I think my back is made from H-Section scaffold because I felt fine the next day.

Garden looks good now and it’s stopped the animals from crapping on it. May as well offer a gratuitous picture in the hope of a compliment


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