Unvented vs vented cylinder

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bernard says his shower works perfectly, I believe him.

Perfectly is in the hygiene of the smeller. What Bernie considers an acceptable shower might not be the same as someone else.

perhaps thermal stores are obsolete nowadays because modern boilers (condensing) cannot operate at 70*C, can it

You gotta love it when people form opinions on a topic from a position of total ignorance.
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Its no wonder dans opinion of your advice is so low, you would actually fit a vented cylinder, plate heat exchanger, pump, flow switch, tank in loft rather than an unvented cylinder ?
Dan's opinions are not worth a light. He promotes Intergas boilers but has put more off them than anything else. Fantastic salesman.
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Mains water pressure for high velocity showers is one advantage that the un-vented can offer. The same can be achieved with a vented cylinder with a secondary heat exchanger.

The secondary heat exchanger can be :-

(1) a plate exchanger with a pump to circulate water from cylinder through the plate heat exchanger
(2) a second coil in the top of the vented cylinder, no pump required for this option.
You describing a vented hot water only thermal store. No annual service charge and anyone can fit.
I'm with bernardgreen on this. I don't like the thought of having a pressurised system in my house. What if the relief valve gets stuck?

However, I'm not sure about a plate heat exchanger with a traditional cylinder as I think it was intended to be used with thermal stores
Nothing wrong with using a plate heat exchanger with a fresh water cylinder. Plate heat exchangers are used on direct cylinders instead of a heating coil to increase the volume of hot water delivery without increasing the cylinder size. The plate will take all the output of a boiler and dump it into the top of a cylinder, where it is drawn off. It heat up top down.
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And the recharge time?

To be honest I have neither calculated or measured it. I think the only time depletion was a problem when there were 4 people having showers. There was still enough warm water in the cylinder to bath the grand children in comfort.
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Read what you write.

That's not evidence of lost sales numbnuts.

I am sure if you do some research about lost / cancelled contracts you could find the evidence where mis-selling has back fired after a knowledgable procurement officer read the small print in the technical data about the product.

There is your Sunday evening planned.
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