VW Caddy, limp mode, suspect turbo issues

28 Jul 2015
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United Kingdom
A few days ago, whilst accelerating down a slip road on the motorway, there was a small interruption followed by the engine power being greatly reduced, along with this there is a noise similar to a cordless drill when going over 2000rpm.

Needless to say I haven't driven it since. It does start (easily) and ticks over no problem.

I've been advised to look for split hose and anything obvious around the turbo area.
Today I took off the air intake pipe and plastic stub off the turbo so I could see the fan/vanes (think that's proper terminology). There doesn't look like any scoring or metal fragments... but when turning the vanes there was no slack, but it's not that easy to spin round.

Presuming this sounds like Turbo has done the dirty on me?

Finally, is it safe to drive to the garage, or would I be advised to get it towed away?

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