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VW T4 Transporter

Discussion in 'Car Repairs / Maintenance' started by Homesafe, 19 Jan 2016.

  1. Homesafe


    12 Oct 2007
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    United Kingdom
    Right guys, after spending round about 500 quid, the van is still having problems.
    I have flushed heater matrix out and managed to get heating warm/hottish then it started turning off on its own whilst idling. And would start 1 time with easy start but went off after a few mins, then it wouldnt start at all though it turned over ok.
    It has never gone over 90deg. Temp on dash and just before cutting out it flashed temp. Sign on the dashboard then it cut out.

    Today it started with jump leads ( battery was a bit flat since last time) but after giving it a good run on motorway it flashed the temp. Sign again and I stopped to check the water and it had burst the little hose going into the block from expansion vessel.
    Then when I topped it back after sorting hose out it wouldnt start again even with easy start.

    Anyone know why it cuts out now,, as I have run out of ideas!!
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