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18 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
So I have a half unfinished wardrobe that my dad helped me build.

So the internals are from Wickes see 'https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Storage-Solution-Bundle-4/p/218502' we got 20% off at the time the quality of the draws is very poor not worth the price even at 20% off. But it is what it is.

There were 4 door sliding doors all with mirrors on, these were second hand from my cousin. However, the doors kept on jumping rails and jamming and made it almost impossible to move them as they weigh so much. After several botched jobs, we still could not fix them so I just throw them away.

Now I am left with a half finished wardrobe. I have spent about £320 on it already.
I have had a quote from John Lewis for about 3k to install a new one. See the attached design.

I have had a private carpenter say he can do a similar MDF design for 2k (which still seems alot).

I am going to try to get some further quotes.
If that fails I may just install this https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/pax-wardrobe-white-fardal-high-gloss-white-s39127395/ as it is only £900 even this is abit much as I only need storage for one person.

My main concerns are that I pay a small fortune for someone to install the sliding doors and A they start jamming again, and B the doors are and inconvenience as I want quick access to the drawers. (Previously when I had the 4 big heavy doors it was a bit of a pain opening them and closing them all the time).

Perhaps standard doors would be better?



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Just stick in sliding doors from one of the sheds , around £100 a meter .Doors are locked in bottom track so can’t jump out if installed correctly .
Or get a smaller PAX unit?

I’ve got them but with no doors on and think they are pretty good.
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Or get a smaller PAX unit?

I’ve got them but with no doors on and think they are pretty good.

after spending all day yesterday designing a lovely wardrobe on the IKEA site I then realized that I would not have room for the doors to open up.

I will have to try to get someone to fit some sliding doors but this is proving to be a bit of a nightmare for me. The existing space is 2920mm wide and 2410mm high and 610mm in depth.
It's very hard to get existing doors that are that size. I guess I will have to order some custom ones. *Update I am going to use Airtasker now anway
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6x 2m high doors here on a twin track 5m long, in two sections, top and bottom, all home built 30 years ago and they slide perfectly. Each door has a wheel at either side, with a guide at either side at the top. I converted from troublesome hinges, three years ago and the doors work absolutely fine. The can all six be moved the entire length of the tracks quite easily or all pushed to one end.

It is just a matter of getting the tracks perfectly straight, perfectly vertical and the same height between them all the way along. Bottom tracks ran flat on the floor, upper I had to make up some steel brackets, fixed to MDF panel, to which to fix the track to at regular intervals - bit of a botch, but it works fine.
Thanks but won't I lose 220mm ?

Looking on the B&Q Website perhaps I should get some 914 doors? I am a bit thick I don't really understand how the "ideal opening space" relates to the trackset length to the door size.
As 914mm X 3 = 2742mm, but they say the track should be 2692mm why would the trackset be shorter than the doors?

You won't loose anything , frame to each end is needed, you can still use the space behind, its not lost.Track is shorter because wheels are inset from edge so don't travel to the ends.
Thanks for your help so far I have someone coming around tomorrow to fit my doors. I have however noticed that my space pro auroa sanctions are loose because the top and bottom buttons were never fitted as per this video

I have emailed Space Pro to see if they can send me any but is their anything else I can use in the meantime?

Look like stops used for child safety gates , they sell spares for those , anywhere selling children stuff mothercare etc .Or nylon cups to protect floor from castors .

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