Water based gloss or satinwood

28 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi looking for some advice on water based paints for skirting and doors, from reading on here it seems that Johnstones aqua is a good one to go for; but most of the posts mention the gloss being good and I think we may go for a satinwood. Is the Johnstones aqua satinwood as good as the gloss?

I've used water based satinwood before and it left paint brush marks but that was a HB own brand so the paint wouldn't have been so good.

Also what kind of finish do you get from using gloss rollers with water based paint, our doors are 1950's and have 4 large flat panels so I thought rollers may speed up the painting as last time I painted a door it took forever!!

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I personally have never used Satinwood and cannot comment on it.

I presume you seen one of my posts, where it tok 3 re-paints to get some paint that didn't go yellow?

I used Johnstones Aqua.. and still to this day it's still white.
After a month or so. fortunately that is longer than any other gloss I had used previosuly.

for painting doors you can do the undercoats with a roller, but I never have.

Yu wll find the ohnstones aqua paint will spread quite easily.
but you need to use a slightly softer brush. and a good quality brush.

I personally used a Harris 1.5 inch brush and had no problems.

just get the hang of paintng faster whilst still doing a good job.

I bought the brushes from BM bargins.
they are not the cheapest.. but they are probably one of the best i hve used.

One brush did the entire house, and it's still quite new.

it takes me about 10-15 mins for each side of a door.
you nned to be quite quick with it as its really professional paint. and drys quite quickly.

it is good though.. my woodwork still looks white!
Thanks Stef99 I've already invested in a pack of Purdy brushes, we have a whole house to do so I thought it was worth it. I guess if the paint is easy to use that might help speed me up, do you have any tips for painting doors? Is it best to paint the panels first or does it not really matter? Do you leave the doors hanging or take them off?

Our doors are like this one

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Personally I nearly lways paint when there are no carpets, so I often leave the doors on if I can.

I'm not a prosfessonal painter, it gos without saying doors should be painted in a vertical direction. unless for some reason the grain is different.

I rarely find this though.

you can get around wiping pant on your carpet buy using think card (or newspaper under the doors.
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Doors should be removed and painted horizontally for best results. Sikkens is the best paint I've used.
Doors should be removed and painted horizontally for best results. Sikkens is the best paint I've used.

Painting them when laid flat (as opposed to standing/hanging upright) is definitely preferable, but I think the advice above was about painting in the same direction as the grain of the wood (as opposed to against it, or at right angles to it).

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