Which Lambda sensor?

Difficult to say. I've got a set of 6 plus an individual swivel neck 1 like the 1 you linked. I like to use that most. But....

I just pick the 1 that fits the car/location best.
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Sealey sx032 is similar to what I've got.

The sensors are usually in an awkward place so it's useful for me. But difficult to advise which 1/type you'd need
Ok, I got it out pretty easily with the swivel neck tool.
Probably spraying the thread with wd40 several times over a week has helped.
Now, when I fit the new one, should I put grease on the thread?
If so, copper grease, moly grease, lithium grease or what?

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Ok, thanks.
All done and error cleared with vcds.
Taken engine to operating temperature and fault didn't come back.
Got to take it out for a run to see if it's cured it or there's something else.
Let's hope for the best.


Oh, and btw, the other 2 errors have disappeared :unsure: