Worcester FR110 heat curve?

1 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom
Has anyone personally installed or has the Worcester FR110 programmable thermostat?

This is the Worcester version of the load compensation controller which adjusts the boiler flow temperature depending on the difference between the target and the current house temperature. The less the difference, the less the flow temp.

What I'm after is the temperature table or heat curve data of how exactly the FR110 does this - given the temperature differences of 10 or 5 or 1 degrees, what the respective flow temperatures will be?

However, apparently, there is no way to get this information from Worcester - I've been on the phone with them twice already, and nobody can find any information on this...

So, the only way to find out is to actually get my hands on an installed and working FR110, or ask someone who has such access.

Any help would be most appreciated!
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Viessmann is the only manufacturer to take this technology seriously at the moment, but all weather comp works on similar lines...

I would choose one that gives a flow temp of say 60 at an outdoor temp of 0c...and be prepared to adjust it in winter...

today I was in a victorian terraced house where the curve was set at 1, my end of terrace flat is set at 1.4, others can be up to about 2.

there is no right or wrong and to a great extent it trial and error...
the right heat curve will depend on rate of heat loss of the house and the emitter size and performance....
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Hi, thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately, I don't think FR110 actually has a heat curve - there is no mentioning of it in any of the manuals, as well as no mentioning of any way of adjusting/correcting the way it controls the heat flow.
This is why I'm looking for any info on the heating tables or whatever the controller actually uses...
ha you got me there I am not a worcester man at all...

this is what the web page says
"It assesses the output and temperature of the boiler and adjusts the flow temperatures to heating demand."

why do you want the information?

the controller is probably constantly self learning

a parameter you will have somewhere is a maximum flow temperature, that may be useful..

and I suspect somewhere there will be a parameter for heat emitter type, being convectors, radiators or UFH and this indeed does alter the rate of change of the flow temp relevant to deviation from ambient air temperature..
why do you want the information?
the controller is probably constantly self learning
I want it to assess how much, how well the controller manages the flow temperature. Worcester can't even provide an estimate of how efficient it it compared to a non-compensating one.

Lets say the max flow temp is about 80. I want to know whether this drops down to 50-60 when the temperature difference is 2-3 degrees, or only a little bit, say into the 70ies which wouldn't make it very efficient.

And the thing that gets me most is that this should be very straightforward, but Worcester are being useless.
my experience of a similar product is that the flow temp hovers around the 45-55c mark.

It will go to max flow temp (a changeable parameter) if the deviation from set point is big, but as that decreases, it will drop..

what it settles at is dependant on the heat loss.

The savings you may make come from:

1) no overshoot
2) limited undershoot, as you effectively set a minimum room temp
3) longer running times at average low optimum temperature (<55c)

pumps run longer with this controller too, and only go off if the room temp is higher than setpoint..
not really if you value comfort..

but a domestic circulator only uses about 100w, a new boiler pump should use less..

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