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16 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
Can anybody help.

I,ve got an outside building, I call it my workshop which is roughly 6.8m X 6.8m with a slightly pitched roof. When I built it I got hold of some 7m 6" X 2" joists which I used to support the stirling board and felt to make the roof. The problem I have is that the roof is now sagging and water collects in the middle,I don't think the joists had been treated. I am now looking at replacing the roof but cant seem to find any joists long enough, will i need to use steel or better still I would prefer a steel corrugated roof.
Is there any web sites I could look at to see what is involved in doing this mammoth job. Any advice appreciated ;)

Cheers chaps
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I'd be tempted to re-inforce the existing roof structure by adding another beam across the middle of the ceiling at right angles to your existing joists. I know it's a bodge, but if it was just a workshop, of my own, that's what I'd be tempted to do.
Good idea Tex, but I have a suspended ceiling under the joists and I am limited on room, i couldn't get another 6x2 under the main joists. If the joists have sagged would they bend back straight, only I've tried jacking them up and they seem quit solid, I'm frightened of lifting the joist off the wall plate :cry:

Any more ideas boys
You could always double up the existing ones. (Lay new joists beside the old then bolt them together). A bit of a tricky operation (especially with that suspended ceiling in the way), but probably still an easier option than replacing the whole roof.
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Another great idea, I think I will take the ceiling down and have a good look at the joists :LOL:

Cheers for your help Tex
Hi again,

I,m now looking at propping the sagging joists with acro props until I can get the sag out of the roof, then I'm going to sandwich the joist between 2 6"X1" either side of the joist and bolting it all together with 10mm through bolts. :confused: ? WHAT DO YOU THINK?
racket said:
I,m now looking at propping the sagging joists with acro props until I can get the sag out of the roof,
Once the timber sag settle, it's almost impossible to return to normal position. What type of roof covering have you got? Is it in good condition?
It's OSB on the joists and roofing felt on top of that. :confused: It's only 2 years old
If the roof felts is in poor condition then I would suggest to start again. Can you stick another wallplate under the old one to give you another 2" in height?
The roof felt is in quite good condition, I don't think I could raise the roof at one end as it would mean removing the felt and boards. I was going to build a new roof over the existing one, as I can't remove the roof completely unless it is guaranteed not to rain

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