Yale HSA 6400 Alarm dialler issue

1 Jul 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have a Yale HSA 6400 alarm, but am having an issue with the dialler. All is connected, and the test message rings my phone without a problem, in the test set up. When the alarm is sounded though, by means of an open door, the phone is not called. Am I missing the obvious here?
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Two things

Firstly you must record a verbal message which is usually your name address and postcode.
If you haven't done this then the panel will not call out.

It might call your phone when you change the phone numbers and do a test call but it won't ring out when the alarm activates.

Secondly the call is not instantaneous and it doesn't call out untill the alarm has been activated for 20seconds ish.

If you are setting off the alarm but then disabling it after a few moments because of the noise the system will not have called out by then and you will get the 'system reached none' message

I don't think you ca turn the telehone settings on or off its automatic within the system. If it has numbers stored and a message and a working phone line it will call out.

Your test calls prove the dialler is working - just check the points I have mentioned above.
Thanks for the reply.

I have recorded a message, and I think you may be right, I have not been letting the alarm sound for more than 5 seconds, not the 20 that you mention.

I suppose a reasonable test would be to try over 20 seconds - prefarably with the siren muted off?
From the adv settings menu you can delay the sirens so you can test the calls properly without annoying the neighbours.

Choose siren delay from the adv setting menu. You can set the delay from 1 minute to 10 minutes.
You can actually use this delay so that the control panel has dialled out before the internal siren attracts attention to itself by setting it to 1 minute.
However personally I like the siren to sound asap rather than giving someone a minute in the house to grab something and scarper before a noise is heard.
but PLEASE remember to set the siren delay back off again!!!
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Siren delayed - dialler all tested and good. Advice much appreciated.
Hi Guys,

Are you able to extend the time taken before the alarm dials the 1st number?

20 seconds is a bit to short as control panel is not near my door so get a phone call every time someone comes home.


in that case you need to increase the entry count-down period, between opening the door which has a door sensor set to "entry" and disarming the alarm on your keypad or panel.

30 seconds is normal.

Triggering any sensor except a door sensor set to entry will immediately sound the alarm.

It is a good idea to have the panel away from the front door and out of sight, to prevent anyone interfering with it, and use a keypad near the front door to set/unset the alarm.

The countdown sensor also prevents your siren going off whenever anyone comes home, which will annoy the neighbours and cause them to ignore your alarm.
Get a remote keypad hsa 6080 then they will be able to unset the alarm straight away.

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