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11 Nov 2020
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French referee Stéphanie Frappart will become the first woman to take charge of a men’s World Cup game when she handles Germany vs. Costa Rica on Thursday in Qatar. FIFA also picked two women as assistants to Frappart — Neuza Back of Brazil and Mexico’s Karen Diaz Medina — to complete an all-female refereeing team on the field. The fourth woman match official FIFA picked for this World Cup, Kathryn Nesbitt of the United States, will also be working at the Al Bayt Stadium as the offside specialist in the video review team.

Mind yer P's n' Q's and do as your told!
It'll be interesting to see how the players react with a woman to keep an eye on foul play and language when the match gets underway.
Overall, i think the quality of referee's at this tournament has been spot on: no tolerance for bad tackling, bad acting and bad language, with only one red card and few bookings. VAR has made sure the right call is made in real time without disrupting play that much and time added on ensures you get a full game.
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