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  1. Poe
    Thanks noseall, I looked at that way of doing it which I would imagine is the most common away but thought might look pretty chunky. Could it be done with 2 blocks upright one either side of the...
  2. Knappers
    That is deffo Brothers In Arms....classic album (y)(y)(y)
  3. Johnsm1981
    Please advise if this wiring is correct? i had followed a picture on here from an old thread using the exact same box, but I have since found different wiring examples on the web using standard...
  4. Alastairreid
    Hes used flashband instead of proper velux flashing, ditto flasband above velux instead of slate. Same as mono ridge. What did he specify?
  5. Burbage Gas
    Yes I would. As you say, it's just a cover yourself thing.

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