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  1. jeff the gasman
    Doesn’t look right to me.
  2. griggs
    It was fitted by Eon almost a year ago as part of fixed price tariff they had to have smart meter. I’ve been to do boiler service and on doing drop test it dropped 5mb so started hunting down...
  3. gas112
    Have never seen anything like it def not a standard fitting issued by any company by state of that union it looks like its not been fitted today and was existing.
  4. PXenos
    Hello... I’m hoping you can give me some advice. One of the handles on my Bristan Java bath shower mixer has broken and it is the same model as the one you had. I’ve been searching for a...
  5. Webberlux
    In the attached image. Assuming the blue circles are the ceiling roses, why is the first ceiling rose not connected to the earth in the fitting, and only attached to the earth in the second...

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