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  1. Laurieo
    On the toilet seat leaver out the 'pegs' and the chrome cap will come off reviling the screw tops .
  2. Dave did what
    Hi Firstly yes I am a DIY novice. Trying to fit front roof bar on a 12 year old ford fiesta. Its a bit of a job.. have to excavate the holes and remove plastic plugs before you can bolt into them....
  3. Pete Birtles
    I need to do some repointing on our house which is within my skillset (probably) but I noticed this mortar above our back door last night and I am not really sure whether to be worried or whether...
  4. Yogesh Saxena
    Hello Team, I am not able to move the black tap as the pressure has dropped, any way I can get this moved... it is not turning. My boiler is IdealIcos HE15 and is currently displaying 0 on the...
  5. Peter2222
    Hi all, Noticed a couple of cracks opening up through the middle of two individual stones on the external wall of our house. One is on the external chimney stack the other not. Just wanted to...

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