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  1. Webberlux
    In the attached image. Assuming the blue circles are the ceiling roses, why is the first ceiling rose not connected to the earth in the fitting, and only attached to the earth in the second...
  2. sparkwright
    Doesn't look very doubled insulated, does it?
  3. mark206000
    Hi, Need to put a TV up in the bedroom, I've got a live 13a spur available. Issue is I need to hide the fused spur and double socket behind the TV but be able to turn it off easily. I do have...
  4. foxhole
    Knock it down and replace , it installed to fail with no overlap of any component.
  5. Fs1oss
    Hi. Could anybody advise me on the best temporary solution for a wobbly wall. While sweeping the patio, a section of the wall literally fell into the garden.(pic 2) Iv attached a cot side for...

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