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  • Hello Alex,
    Just wantedto let you know that I've now got my boundary wall back ...gabion baskets put in by JML Contracts.....not exactly pretty but does the job. Bit disconcerted by the fact they're not particularly level with each other..thought they'd be pretty much straight on top although it was a difficult job as they started work when snow was thawing and water was really strong coming out of the culvert. They've used the old wall to put in front of the gabions to try to deflect the water and give extra protection. Will get some pics to show you. Hope all's well with you,
    regards linda
    Hello Alex, I've been in conversation with Maccaferri who say they're too busy to do the work themselves and will subcontract it out (?) they won't give any guarantees either! THey have quoted a figure of wait for it ...£9,500 for material, not counting plant hire and contractors fees...I think they're coming it!!
    JML quoted only £5800 amd that was doing the work themselves. In the meantime I've got someone from the local quarry who is going to have a look and see if we can just staabilise just now till I can get JML to do the work or the wethaer i sbetter. It's absolutely pouring- has been for 24 hours and forecast to continue through the weekend!! Pass the valium someone!
    Thanks again Alex for your kindness and caring.
    Hello Alex, Thank you for all your advice and the time aand effort that you put into the last posting on my wall problem. I'm humbled and so grateful that a stranger went so much out of his way to offer such a lot of help at this worrying time for me. Ifeel I've had a lucky escape with the other builder not doing the job but as the hole in the garden is now only 10 feet from my house and foundations things are getting pretty dire.
    I live in Arbroath which is in Angus- the other side of Dundee, not that near to Worcester unfortunately!
    I've conmtacted two firms that do gabion work- one is JML Contracts but they can't do anything till the new year- can't wait that long- the other that I spoke to tonight was a firm you mentioned I think Maccaferri and the guy I spoke to is going to do some sums and get back to me. I think he heard the desperation in my voice and felt sorry for me! We may have our work cut out with Sepa -although they okayed the concrete wall, surely gabions are more environmentally friendly than concrete?
    I'll keep you updated Alex and thank you so much again for your attentiveness to a damsel in distress! xx
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