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    Worcester Danesmoor 30/95 oil-fired boiler

    I am moving house in a few weeks to a property that has one of these boilers, which I think was installed circa 1982. I am quite surprised that there is no information available about them on the internet, presumably because they are rare and old. The vendor says it's working fine and is...
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    Poor flow - first thing to check?

    Thanks for all the advice - it's definitely the strainer needing a good clean. Couldn't pull the cartridge out but all the prodding and twisting has helped - just put it all back together and the flow is greatly improved. I will give RWC a call on Monday to see how the cartridge can be...
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    Poor flow - first thing to check?

    Many thanks for the link. My valve is slightly different - it's a RWC 312 series with 3 bar stamped on the top (looks non-adjustable). Very frustrating - I can unscrew the cartridge but can't actually pull it away from the main body, even using brute force. Is there a retaining clip or something?
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    Poor flow - first thing to check?

    Okay, I can unscrew the head of the pressure reducing valve so it rotates freely but I can't for the life of me pull it off. Am I missing a trick? Many thanks.
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    Poor flow - first thing to check?

    Thanks. Tundish is bone dry (and I regenerated air gap a few weeks ago). Why would a blocked strainer into the Megaflo cause flow problems to all the cold water taps in the house?
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    Poor flow - first thing to check?

    The stopcock is metal. Flow is equally poor from all cold taps but much better from the hot taps (which is odd because I always thought the hot output from a Megaflo was at the same rate as the incoming cold feed?) Just downstream from the stopcock is a pressure reducing valve closely...
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    Poor flow - first thing to check?

    Can't be sure but the incoming pipework that I can see emerging from the ground is 32mm blue plastic pipework which then connects to a 22mm stopcock. I live on a modern development about 9 years old.
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    Poor flow - first thing to check?

    Cold water flow rate has deteriorated in my house to about 6 litres per minute. Water company have checked at the meter and they are providing a respectable 25 litres per minute at 4 bar. What's the first thing I should check in my house? I was thinking of replacing the stopcock in case it...
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    Choosing a roofing specialist

    I'm buying a timber-framed farmhouse that is a hotch-potch of extensions, with the work dating from 1550 up to the 1980's. It's not a listed building. I've just had a building survey done and have been recommended to have the roof, chimneys, flashing and gutters professionally inspected...
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    Viessmann boiler with weather compensator.

    The great advantage of a programmable roomstat is that you can set a Maximum temperature, thus preventing the wife from Cranking It Up to sauna levels in your absence :wink:
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    Removing grout residue from sealed limestone tiles

    Perfect! Thanks
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    Removing grout residue from sealed limestone tiles

    My wife has been hassling me to do this for ages. The honed limestone tiles in our bathroom have quite a lot of grout (cement?) residue on them that can't be removed with the household cleaners we have. I understand the tiles were chemically sealed when laid. Is there a specialist chemical...
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    Megaflo or something else

    Avoid ever getting into a car; they can do this: PS. It's "Megaflo".
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    Boiler Switches on while Programmer is set to "off&quot

    I had this; turned out to be a faulty 2-port zone valve (or, rather, a faulty microswitch in the zone valve). I gave the lever a few wiggles and it sorted itself out.
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    Lets Get This Straight.....Waterproof grout....

    I spent an incredibly boring couple of hours going over the grout lines with a thin bead of clear Dow Corning sealant. The price one pays for being a perfectionist :roll: .