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    windows vista

    have you tried turning the wireless switch off? ive seen it loads of times where it boots without the wireless turned on, worth a try if not press F5 & F8 alternatively when its first tuned on and you should get a black screen about safe mode etc, try startup repair if its available, if...
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    windows vista

    try booting it with the wireless turned off probs restore to a point where its done a driver update as well
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    Baxi 105e Probs

    Just what I was hoping to hear. Cheers Ray!
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    Baxi 105e Probs

    Hi, Got one of the above and had a couple of issues with it, one which has been ongoing since well before I moved in and the other only surfaced tonight which has been resolved. The one that happened tonight was the boiler packed up dishing out any hot water or heating. The 60 degree...
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    Win 7 Windows Media Player

    have a look in the options on media player for look on the network for shared libraries that might sort it when its sat there doing nowt
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    network software

    when at school youd have got a roaming profile so wherever youd logon it pulls your profile off a server and then loads it over the network to whichever PC you logon to cant really do it on a home PC unless youve got a little domain set up, like you would at school/work etc
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    Win 7 question

    you get both
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    Control Panel full of bluetooth icons?

    get rid of any of the software that the dongle installed in the first instance
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    anyone used vmware for lab book

    your best is virtual box by oracle - small download and dead easy to setup, much better than virtual pc imo. could easily have numerous vm's ready to be powered on if youve got a half decent spec pc or laptop are you sitting the ms exams?
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    Hanging small LCD on plaster board wall.

    I wouldnt know if they were dry lined to be honest. Im just going on what people have said when they have been in here. Ive put a couple of holes in the walls so far using those self drive corkscrewy plasterboard fixings and the walls seem as though they are just an mdf board with a finish...
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    Hanging small LCD on plaster board wall.

    Hi, Dry lined walls as far as im aware and I want to stick a 16" LCD up on one of those tilt arm brackets. Been looking at these on screwfix after reading stuff on AV Forums and people using them to hang big dirty plasmas with. Only thing im a bit stumped with is the setting tool, and...