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    Moving Toilet

    Thanks Chris that was another issue not having enough room to adjust the drop
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    Moving Toilet

    I need to run it under the floor to get where we would like the pan, but 2 90° take it just above the joist which is why I wondered it I could use a 45 into a 90
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    Moving Toilet

    Hi there We are thinking about changing layout of ensuite but have a question about soil pipe, the current soil pipe is in a box section under joists and position we would like toilet is about 2m away but I need to take soil 90° and up in between joist, I was thinking about joining 2 90°...
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    What thickness ply?

    I am re-modeling our en suite and need to remove the 20mm chipboard because it's not level and I need to add longer soil pipe, so if the final finish is going to be 10-13 mm slate tiles on top of 4mm underfloor heating mat, what thickness ply would you use? Many thanks Brett
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    clearing a hot water airlock

    Hi there we have developed an airlock in the hot water, about 3 months after i fitted a pump to boost the hot pressure. it started when my son was trying to adjust the temp on the shower/bath thermostatic taps and now if you open them up over half way the air lock starts to bang. all of the...
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    Differing opinions on whole house pumps

    I can't believe i didn't think of this! this is exactly what is happening many thanks Brett
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    Differing opinions on whole house pumps

    Hi There I am still trying to sort out this pump issue, I have a cold water tank in the attic which gives fantastic water pressure all around the house, and I have a hot water tank on the landing with bad pressure around the house. I have been told a single pump for the hot water will be ok...
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    Whole house pump

    The hot water in our house is terrible so have decided to get a pump for the hot water (stuart turner universal monsoon) the question I have is how long should such a pump take to install, the tank is heated by solar or gas, it also has an electric emersion heater but this has never been used...
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    amtico vinyl floor boards and double sided tape??

    I have a small rear lobby area about 1m x 2m, it's basically where we hang our coats and the dogs sleep at night, I have some spare amtico boards and wondered if i could stick them down with a 50mm wide tape? the only thing i thought might be a problem is would water get in the joints when i...
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    patio/inspection cover

    Afternoon all we have been planning to replace our patio and run a new strip of 600x600 along the fence to put flower pots on, not for a pathway. But when i replaced the fence I found an inspection cover buried about 150mm so my first problem is that its not the same level as the one in the...
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    Low Hot water flow

    It's in our main bathroom, I have used a 2 way thermostatic tap for shower/bath so am now wondering if that might be the problem as it was OK with old bath and taps. Can you adjust the flow on these thermostatic taps
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    Low Hot water flow

    I know this has been covered before, but I cant see anything about the same sort of system I have or an answer I have a coldwater tank in the loft a open vented hot water tank on the landing solar panels for the water worcester condensing boiler cold water flow is fantastic...
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    cold tap (mixer) runs hot

    thanks guys, it does indeed look like its a CH pipe that is causing this, it hadn't crossed my mind but as i think back it has only been noticeable since the central heating has been switched on, its not a massive problem its only my 2 boys who moan about warm squash
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    cold tap (mixer) runs hot

    our mixer tap in the kitchen does this but i cant understand why, hopefully someone can explain we do washing up so have run hot water, then when i rinse with cold after about 20 seconds the water goes hot for about another 20 seconds and then back to cold this will do this even if i turn...