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    Hi Chris, Could you tell me please if the min diameter is in fact min 75mm for a vent pipe for foul stack. Many Thanks Sue.
    Hi, i have micro bore central heating system, has worked fine for some 15 years but....the plumber seems to dislike it, the manifold has 4 returns and feeds for 7 rads!! and since the system was drained and the plumber reduced the size of the manifold it refuses to work. He wants to change pipework for 15mm, and who will have to pay for this change? In his wisdom he has boxed in the manifold and drain valve, any ideas
    hi i wonder if you can help me i have a triton opal has been working fine i changed the head and for some reason it has just started pumping water out of the little pipe behind .the first time i turn it on it worked fine but when i changed the setting on the head it just pumped out of the small pipe at the back?
    I'd like to contact Chris Hutt but can't find email address - problem with shower - sometimes goes hot and cold sometimes just tepid
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