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  • Hi I have an Ideal Isah Boiler HE35 - shows error code H4, can you identify that issue at all? I have a young girl living in there with a toddler and desperately want to get this fixed today. Thanks in advance
    Mike on 07708544474 or [email protected]

    We need some work done which involves putting in underfloor heating in 2 bathrooms and kitchen, a new megaflo system, and new radiators and we're based in Farnham. Was wondering if you'd be interested in quoting on the work.

    If you're interested please email me on [email protected]

    Corgiman, could do with some advice on what to install boiler and megaflo wise at our house in Haslemere. Please send me an email at [email protected] and I'll send you my contact details if you're interested. Cheers
    Hi corgiman can you help, i have a Myson Orion central heating boiler and it is timed to come on at 7am every morning as my wifes mother lives with us and she is 83 yrs old ! however when it comes on it makes a noise like a ships horn which is intermitant for a minute or so and my neighbours are complaining and every time the boiler lights up it makes the same noise and it seems to be getting worse, it seems to be coming from the flue but i cannot stop it ! can you advise.
    Hi Corgiman,

    I am in a dilema, having cold showers lately. We have an oceanic combi boiler but there is no hot water. Only way to get a shower is to switch on the gas central heating via the theromostat but still we just get warm water then turns cold. It could well do with the valve. Are you able to come to SE17 1LP to provide a quote free obligation? Everywhere is expensive and hoping you will be the right handyman to fix our dilema. [email protected]
    Hi Corgiman,

    I'm looking for someone to install a megaflo at my house in KT6. Would this be too far for you? Please email me at punitbhatia-at-hotmail.com / I can give you a number to call me.


    Hi Corgiman!

    I just noticed that you have been able to help so many other people, I just posted a note about Ariston combi boiler, I hope you can give me some advice. If there is something that I can do myself I will save money to call out an engineer. I would also like to help others with the knowledge I have, I am a computer engineer and can help others with their computer problems. :eek:)

    Many thanks,
    hi corgiman, thanks for the advice on the Servoewarm - yes, I would greatly appreciate it if you could sent a set of hinges (I can give you my full details via my email address - [email protected]). The hinges that you have look like they would do the job - many, many thanks.
    corgiman when i installed a close coupled wc it was leaking from around the dough-nut area can you please advise me of the reason for this . oggie
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