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    Workshop pit boards

    Won't that crack ?
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    Workshop pit boards

    It's rented,not my premises and it's a commercial building.....and the pit is full of crap from previous tenants.It will never be used in my lifetime
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    Workshop pit boards

    My workshop has an inspection pit that isn't used.The gaps between the boards get full of dust and crap and I'd like to seal them up if possible. I was thinking of using something like Stixall multi purpose wall and floor adhesive.Do you think that would work or is there something more suitable...
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    Gaps between skirting and wall

    Looks like the plastering hasn't been done very well
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    Am I missing a part ?

    As I suspected it doesn't seal 100% so water is going to empty as it fills,not exactly ideal. Can anyone recommend a different/better one ?
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    Am I missing a part ?

    Oh right.Does it work ? I'll have to try it,make sure it holds water before I carry on installing the bath. Cheers
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    Am I missing a part ?

    Are you saying it's just held in position by suction from the seal of the 2 black o-rings ? It goes into the waste very easily,doesn't require any force
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    Am I missing a part ?

    That's the thing,it just sits in the waste, there's nothing physically holding it in. Surely it won't hold water ?
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    Am I missing a part ?

    There's nothing to hold the plug in and nothing to stop something falling down the plug hole
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    Am I missing a part ?
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    Am I missing a part ?

    I bought a clicker type bath waste a few weeks back from my local merchants. Have a look at the picture,am I missing a part,it doesn't look right to me ?
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    how to take off rads, for wallpaper.

    I've always loosened the pipe connections just enough to lift the rad off it's bracket and lay it on the floor and then tighten the connectors.Do the decorating and then reverse. Saves a load of time and hassle.Rads will be heavy so might need 2 people
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    Parkside tools are they any good?

    I bought a cordless drill for my bathroom renovation.It's been a godsend.Handled pretty much everything I've thrown at it.Got plenty of torque however the battery needs recharging often.Luckily I have 3 batteries,2 chargers,1 at work,1 at home..... I also have a cordless angle grinder. Will they...
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    Waterproofing Bathroom Corner from Shower

    I'm just wondering why you have 2 showers over the bath
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    Would this be a 13amp bolt?

    13mm I reckon