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  • I am sorry that I failed to follow up your invitation until now. When D Hailsham mailed me off list I was notified by an email from DIYNOT. This did not happen when your reply was posted. I do not know why.

    D Hailsham has said that he would like to be included as a copy recipient in this conversation. Is this possible when sending and receiving from the profile part of the web site? And are you happy with that?

    When we have settled these preliminaries I can give you the background and problem.


    Hi, did you fit an unvented system into your house in the end? Was the 20mm MDPE sufficient?

    My property has a similar setup with slightly higher pressure and flow but the same 20mm MDPE

    I have been discussing a problem with D Hailsham concerning my Remeha Avanta 24s and he suggested that I contact you with regard to the parameter P3 setting. Would you be willing to help? If so, I'll send you the background and the question.

    Tim Simmons
    Many thanks for your reply; the delay was no problem.

    It was much more helpful than the one I got from Remeha, which said that I could not use an iSense with an open vent boiler and I couldn't use a Honeywell CM9XX programmable stat either! I don't understand this as the Remeha wiring diagrams show Opentherm devices used with system boilers which, after all, is nothing more than a sealed system version of an OV boiler but with an internal pump. It also uses exactly the same PCB and the boiler type setting is the same.

    I'm relieved that the iSense controls HW times/temperatures as I was going to have wiring problems if I had to retain the old HW timer. This is located upstairs in the airing cupboard with the valve and pump and running an additional cable to the boiler in the kitchen would have been a nightmare.

    Which Maplin power supply did you use?
    I have just been re-reading the topic about your Remeha 18S boiler and the iSense RF. I am thinking of doing the same and would be interested to know how you have got on with the system, particularly the iSense RF. Does it control the hot water times and temperatures or did you have to install a separate timer for the HW?

    Has the boiler had any problems?
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