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  • And what about all the other ****ty plastic compensated in there that carry/control gas and combustion air?

    If someone can't work out how to wire one of those ****boxes then who knows what else get could screw up.
    Some time ago you posted a link or information on heating index calculations. Any chance of getting that information please.


    hi there was looking for some advice regarding a honeywell 2 way valve, tested out but can be one of 2 things, if you could possibly help would be appreciated.
    Try searching tescos boilers. Google it. Black Circle Tyres owned by tescos. Blue Circle Cement owned by tescos. T of there shops in the beginning.escos Bank buying up property that they forced people out in the beginning.
    hello mr hailsham ive just gone on my profile for the first time in months and realisled that you replied to my request for advice for help with a valve problem.sorry for not getting back to you with an answer before.didnt nean to ignore your offer but knowing how you reply to valve/wiring problems you probably answered it anyway on the forum
    Hi, just to say thanks very much for your advice re replacing my honeywell st7100 timer. Job done yesterday afternoon without a hitch...regards, Simon..
    hi mr hailsham would you mind if i send a messaga for some wiring advice please, swopping an ep 2002 fo a modern prgrammer regards terence 7556
    Hi, In desperation I have called in a heating engineer to try and sort out problem with my actuator. He is not dong too well!! If you get a chance can you look at my latest post.
    Hi, sorry it's taken me a while to reply, but I've been away. The boiler and iSense RF have been working fine so far since February. Pretty much fit and forget. The iSense controls both HW and CH. I'm using a supply from Maplin to provide the 5V to the iSense. I also have the HW working off a thermistor instead of a cylinder stat. I started to draw up a schematic of the design that I need to finish off as it also shows how it integrates with the unvented cylinder safety isolation valve and diverter valve.

    The only option that the iSense doesn't provide is HW boost. I leave the HW on from 6am to 9pm and so it doesn't bother me, but it might worry some people.
    Hi mate.
    You can use my log in to edit posts. Feel free to edit other FAQ posts if you see a need.
    log in as "FAQ" and password "beatles"
    Hi, I saw your posts on the thread I've copied below regarding the RF Isense from the Netherlands.
    You mentioned getting an adapter from a site like maplin but I when you mention instead of the plug its just the wire could you be a little more specific on how it attaches to either the rf part that goes in the boiler or the boiler itself?. i.e, plug from plug socket with the wire connected to the rf part.

    I have a Remeha Avanta with Weather Compensation, and from what I have seen this is my only option for a RF WC Thermostat as others are either not Opentherm or not RF or have WC.

    Any help you can give is gratefully received!

    Thanks for the advice you gave me on wiring my new thermostat, it's now up and running like a charm!
    Back in May you gave some very good advice regarding my central heating, I'm afraid I need some more advice on the same problem and have added to the post called 'seperate hot water to heating control' in plumbing and heating. If possible could you have quick look, any advice would be much appreciated.
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