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  • Can you tell me who fitted the Brilliant fire. Am in Stafford and can't find anyone to fit it. Help!
    Hi Terrence,

    Harsh, but with a point.
    It is plain English, no problem there. :)
    None of your sentences start with a capital letter, nor do any proper names (Birmingham; John Lewis). :(
    No line breaks. Some will glance at your post, see a mass of text and move on without reading it. :(
    No text-speak. :)
    A few spelling and punctuation errors. :(

    As I said, the comments were harsh and uncalled for, but they have a point.

    peugeot 307 fuse box 20amp fuse keeps blowing and the 7amp is standing in water or oil any ideas
    Thank you for replying to my problem - but I dont really understand what you mean by "search for diaphrams"?
    Hi Terry,

    No news on the CO front until Tuesday. Re Turbulators, sorry, don't know. Can only suggest you do what I did, and that is to search ebay for turbulator and then save the search. Once the search has been saved you will get an email if anyone puts anything on there. I bought 2 sets this way, but turned out they were listed under the wrong part number and were for a 155 and not a 140. My engineer spoke to Baxi and they said it would be OK to fit them.

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