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  • totally agree with what you where saying about heat loss it was a informative thread till the dick got in there
    Hi - hope you had a good break! I have ordered the 3-way mixer from Wita ( the manufacturers ) as I already have the original servo which apparently serves both the 3 and 4 way mixers. Once that arrives (from Germany) I will be altering the pipe-work to put the servo-mixer and UFH pump to serve both ground and 1st floor manifolds - which will each then have a 2-port zone valve to open and close as needed. My thinking is that the Delta should be able to be wired as per the drawing? So at the minute everything is still operated manually. I really appreciate all your thoughts and help on this - I now have a much better understanding of the system - even though I still have to resolve the wiring between the Delta and the junction box. Not sure what will go where, so am still trying to get my brain round that. If you have any further ideas, they would be more than welcome.
    your the man on wiring and programmers.
    i been on a post today randell 4033 about half way down the page.

    don't know if you had read it and gave it a wide birth.

    but the guy appears to have a gravity system pumped hw.
    but the bit i can't seam to get round is why his old programmer is using the hw off to feed the white wire on a zone valve.

    just wondered if you had an idea as it bugging me as to how its been wired and working if i've missed somesome

    Thanks v much for your advice last week ref replacement for Glowworm Mastermind. New Siemens programmer fitted, works great.

    thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

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