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    have you any wiring diagrams with relays on for atag boilers with x3 heating zones and a dhw zone?
    I dont know if this is the way to get a message to you. I liked your IG servicing. I have installed quite a few IG boilers and am hoping to retire when the next £200 fee comes due and I suddenly become incompetent overnight. I will be looking for someone to recommend to my customers for their servicing and other work. Would you be willing to take them off me, in the Rugby / Lutterworth / South Leicester area?
    Eco this optimax 25c is it easy adjustment for low co looked in M.I.s can't find adjustment I see u r mr ferroli I come across a lot of these in Birmingham
    Hi Eco, you very kindly gave me some advice a few months ago and I was wondering if I could trouble you again as we still haven't managed to fix our boiler (we have an electric shower so don't smell too bad!). I have a faulty F30 with a flashing L5 that doesn't fire - I changed the water pressure sensor but that didn't solve the issue though bypassing the sensor by connecting the two leads allows the boiler to fire. Does this mean my new switch is also faulty or is there something else I'm missing? You mentioned a blocked capillary in the gauge, would this be the issue? The gauge seems to work OK as it falls/rises as I bleed/fill the system.

    Any help would be really really appreciated, thank you

    Yes please!!
    Is it a dvd? 16 lady winefrides walk gt. illing. Orthampton nn3 9ee
    Hi Eco,
    Have you seen D-Day 6.6.44 by the bbc ? got the impression from a post you might be interested. If you want a copy pm me your address and I'll send you one .
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