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  • I was renovating a flat a couple of weeks ago and I pretty much did all of it ie plastering, tiling, minor electrics etc and consider myself reasonably skilful at what I do. However the plumber who was employed by the client, replaced the old boiler and put a new one in a large cupboard which was fine.
    The problem is is that he was to allow enough space from the floor to the bottom of new boiler for a washing machine.
    Unfortunately he should have put boiler in slightly higher and rather than rectify his mistake he has cut out a large hole in the top of the washing machine to accommodate the pipes at bottom of boiler and simply rammed the machine into the cupboard so the door closes.
    The mains and drum are exposed and mains lead is now right under boiler.
    I told client who spoke to plumber who said this was absolutely fine. (he's corgi registered?)
    Surely this is not legal. Can anyone vindicate my concern or am I being silly.
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