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    Replacing Honeywell Timer & W/less Stat with Hive - wiring question for Viessmann Combi set up

    I don't have the option of OpenTherm, but back in 2019 when I moved into this house to find no way to control central heating without going outside down a set of steps, and back into the property under the main house and plug in the pump and switch on boiler, I selected a programmable thermostat...
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    Warning issued over heated blankets as winter freeze hits

    This is what the electrical safety first says and the news sites are saying some sites are listing the faults. Because they were over 10 years old and had no safety features built into the controller. Because of a leakage of voltage to the surface of the blanket. The elements were able to move...
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    Plumber Installed Ceiling Lights. This Look OK?

    I would say if you want to be safer, you can fit a RCD FCU etc, but in the main the units which are not part of the consumer unit don't have the BS EN numbers to be compliant. We have lived for many years without RCD protection, I remember returning to this country around 1990 and we were then...
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    Engine braking - petrol versus diesel

    Now your talking about some thing different, in the old days there was a throttle, and as the name implies to stopped the air going in, but today we have fuel injection, so not so sure any more. But if I look at my Sorento the diesel version only revs to 4000 revs, where the petrol can go to...
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    Control radiators using thermostat dial?

    Most thermostats have a * which is frost protection, with the electronic type, you can normally set the eco setting however 5 degrees is a bit on the low side, more likely 12 degrees, to set the wall thermostat, you need to remove the programming, in the main boilers have a separate frost stat...
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    Ice and snow clearance on non motor vehicle roads?

    We are being encouraged to use push bikes, and special cycle tracks, specially going to/from work, often the tracks are shared with pedestrians and horse riders, clearly bikes have only two wheels, so ice or snow is far more likely to cause accidents, so more important to grit these tracks to...
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    Engine braking - petrol versus diesel

    The Jake brake seems to be describing what we call an exhaust brake. But not sure. The exhaust brake does not open the exhaust valves, it just cuts the fuel and puts a flap across the exhaust. You need to release when changing gears, as once out of gear it will stop engine. However engine...
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    Hive, load of rubbish. Any better alternative?

    Is it just grass other side of street is greener, I have problems with Nest, claimed worked with Energenie TRV heads, it doesn't. Drayton Wiser seems to get good reports, but functions like geofencing seem to vary a lot, and little info as which system will do what. I would like to be able to...
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    Replacing Honeywell Timer & W/less Stat with Hive - wiring question for Viessmann Combi set up

    You have the problem deciding how far to go, easy to say boiler is OpenTherm enabled so may as well get an Opentherm enabled thermostatic control system. But likely they will cost more, but although the Hive wall thermostat is cheap, it is cheap as no cleaver algarithums, and the TRV's which...
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    Plumber Installed Ceiling Lights. This Look OK?

    Clearly the installation does not comply, but the real question is what do you do about it? My son jumped in with my mothers wet room, and fired the builder, thinking he had gone through LABC I told them I was taking over the job, can't untell them. So you have to decide if worth the money it...
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    Retevis rt622 programming software?

    Came as a package, but been told not to come in until Wednesday so will have to wait and see if it works. So much has changed, I started when we still used valves, just starting to use transistors, Clive Sinclar was making radio kits, I was making them up and selling at school until teachers...
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    Chest freezer for outbuilding

    There is a problem with auto defrost, the defrost cycle will not clear if too cold. However chest freezers rarely have auto defrost, and do not have fridges, so can't really see why some have a minimum temperature. I can only think rust.
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    Is central heating actually that good? Anyone remember before we had it?

    Main problem with old heating systems was it would draw the combustion air from within the room, so caused drafts, in the main the reason for high backed chairs. Early central heating would run in the morning to warm house before fires were lit, and only control was a timer and the lock shield...
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    Retevis rt622 programming software?

    Thanks got it, used link and the emailed it to me, just need to pick up the radio again now and see if it works.
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    Retevis rt622 programming software?

    Tried to down load, could not get it to install, zipped up it seems, and could not find program to unzip it. I tried using the 888 radio and programming it with different tone on every channel, and by luck found the tone 1 - 8, but it takes time that method, specially checking just 8 channels at...