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  • Hi, I was wondering how you dealt with condensation on that pitched roof? It looked like insulation, ply sheathing, roof underlay, then the bitumen tiles. So will not the inside face of the ply be cold and attract condensation? Or am I missing something.... Thanks!
    hi Rob
    if you add another foundation supprt in on the 15' then 4 x2 shoul be ok. if not then use the 6x2.also with the roof 4x 2 should be ok if spanning the 8'.the flooring is the same as i used this week.
    good luck
    It's me again!
    I am following your foundation suggestion, making up 9 pads of concrete.
    I am also going to follow the way you made your floor, but would like a little guidance on timber sizes.
    BTW, Milverton seem to like to supply their feather board in feet, so my shed has had to go Imperial!
    Looking at 15ftx8ft base, making up the floor with three joists lengthways and short ones in-between, except at the two ends.
    Given the overall size, would 100x50 be strong enough or should I go up a size to 150mm? I was going to use 22mm moisture treated chipboard flooring on top. I was also going to use mini hangers and corner brackets, wondered if they would add to the strength.
    I guess the longest unsupported timber is 7'6".
    The roof is a pent roof, would 100mm be suitable for this if it was sheathed in ply? Roof covering is going to be the Onduline stuff.
    Ha...just a few more questions...

    On the floor construction, you have three timbers running lengthwise, is there any structural reason for that? My floor is to be 2.4m wide and i was just going to span one timber front to back

    Did you put a dpc under the ply floor?

    Are those spacer strips under the outer T&G? Is there a reason for that? An airgap maybe...

    Did you consider the Kingspan type insulation for the walls & ceiling, maybe it made the cost to much.

    Thanks, Rob

    This is something along the lines of what I want to construct.

    I am thinking to employ a local chippie to get the main floor, walls and roof made up, I have never made any thing like this before, so I feel a couple hundred quid spent on an expert will save me costs down the road.

    I'd get him to help me make up the walls, floor, roof and I would do the sheathing, boarding, roofing etc.

    So....some questions!

    How much did you spend approximately? I'd am interested to get an idea of my budget from this.

    I see you used ply to sheath the walls and roof, plus it looks like you used a breather membrane as well. Any special reason to sheath the walls in ply? What ply is it?

    I was going to use cedar feather board, over membrane with no ply sheath for the walls. So curious to know if any advantage to sheathing the walls in ply b4 the boards, apart from strength I guess.

    Is there any reason not to have an apex roof? I figured to keep it simple and make a sloping pent roof.

    What is happening inside for the walls? Another membrane and more ply?

    Thanks for this, sorry for so many questions....

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