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  • Hi Flameport, you very kindly gave me some advice regarding a two way light switch last year and I've only just got round to sorting it out (yes, been living with candles all that time ;)
    I've followed your instructions and pleased to report that I now have 3 lights working but it's still not perfect as I still have to have one light on all the time for the other two to work e.g.
    Double light switch - light A must be on for light B to work
    Single light switch (in sep room) - light A must be on for light C to work
    (nb light B and C will work independantly but only if light A is on)
    Clearly I need to swap a wire around ... any idea which one?
    Thanks so much!!!
    Hi just a quick question, what do you class as sealed boxes of non-combustible material to put over recessed lights in the loft?

    Hi Flameport, sorry for bothering you, I was kindly given advise by your good self last night on installing the Digistat 3+ onto a Tempus one, I have followed your instructions to install the Drayton Digistat 3+, but unfortunately it won't call for heat when I raise the stat temperature.
    As I have a Combi boiler Ferroli Sigma 40/60, do I need to wire anything from the thermostat to the central heating pump or anywhere else ?

    Sorry once again for PMing you, but I am in real need of some help

    Heya, hope you don't mind me pm'ing you. I noticed you are in Bournemouth. Are you after any jobs atm and are you Part P registered? If not are you able to recommend some sparks locally. I'm on West Overcliff and would be looking to get this done around 17th/18th March.
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