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  • Hi mate, hope you don't mind me contacting you. I have a customer with an Avanta 18s which is giving trouble. Called me today boiler display showing 8, room controller calling for heat but boiler won't fire. Got her to switch off and on at mains and after the start up it gave an E10 error. Spoke to Broag technical who said it is a flow problem. I went to site and increased the system pressure to 1.5 (was 0.8). Reset the boiler and it worked fine. She called me again this evening, same problem, after getting her to go through the above switch on/off etc it started working again. Any ideas?

    Hi Gas Man, Could you help please?
    I have a Myson housewarmer and have just fitted a thermocouple and gas valve also changesd a sunvic 207 for a danfoss actuater as the three way mid position valve had seized. There is an old honeywell mechanical clock fitted and I want to fit a more uptodate timer as this one is falling to bits. Will a sunvic select 207xl heating programer be ok for this please?


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