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    Hi Gaz, thanks for the offer. A spanner designed for the job would be handy. If you let me know your paypal / bank transfer details and how much you want. Ill send the funds.

    Thanks, Dan
    Hi, i read one of your posts (an older one) and you said you're a Baxi engineer. I'd be grateful if you could take a look at a topic I posted about a Baxi Bahama 100 cutting out after 7-8 seconds.and possibly help with some advice. Many thanks! Nigel
    Hi Mate,

    Would appreciate your help. Just moved in to my place at the powernap 155 is a real headache! Clocks been replaced but the pressure keeps dropping to zero very quickly, I know this can’t be right. Been searching around the net and it could be a number of things. Something about the expansion valve?

    Do you know where this might be situated and what it looks like?


    hey there, i saw one one of your posts about a baxi solo 240 pf boiler, with it overheating and using the temp setting to reset it, this did solve our problem, and got it working, but it keeps overheating, do you have any idea why this might be? it has also starting to click rather loudly repeatedly.... any info would be great.... my email is [email protected], would be handy if you could reply on there... many thanks in advance

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